Travel Instructions

  1. The applicant must obtain the necessary visa from the Iranian Embassy before the date of travel sufficiently, and book the hotel in advance through the approved tourist offices or reliable sites, confirm the booking of the tickets, and we recommend obtaining health insurance covering all types of accidents.
  2. We would like to point out that non-Iranian credit cards issued by any bank around the world cannot be used throughout Iran.
  3. The most traded and most widely accepted foreign currency in Iran is the US Dollar and the Euro. The US Dollar is approximately 37,000 Iranian Riyals.
  4. The regulations and regulations of the Central Bank of Iran to carry passengers in foreign currency on the following:
    • First, when entering Iran through airports or through land or sea ports, passengers must fill in the form for disclosing the amount of foreign currency in their possession for amounts exceeding US $ 10,000 (or equivalent in other currencies) and attach a document showing how to obtain the currency.
    • Secondly, a traveler departing from Iranian territory may not issue cash in excess of US $ 5,000 (or equivalent in other currencies) unless he has disclosed it upon entry into the country. As stated above, if the authorities disclose cash amounts above the ceiling specified above by the traveler, the amount will be adjusted and the person referred to the competent legal authorities.
  5. Iran has a high rate of road accidents, be very careful when traveling by road, including public transport and when crossing the streets, and if you are involved in the incident (God forbid) do not leave the scene and wait for the police to report, take care to carry your passport Always avoid getting into verbal quarrels or fabricated disputes.