Rules of concern to citizens

  • Iran is a Muslim country (affiliated with the Shi'a sect), Local traditions, customs, laws, religions and sects must be respected at all times. It should also be borne in mind that the authorities strictly prohibit the carrying, abuse and trade of alcoholic beverages and drugs. Hijab and wide robes. The authorities also impose on men the obligation to wear long trousers and shirts with sleeves in public places.
  • Avoid demonstrations, political gatherings, large crowds and areas where police and security forces are deployed.
  • The Iranian authorities sometimes erect security checkpoints and checkpoints in cities, on highways or on foreign roads. This is a routine and never worrying procedure. The purpose is usually to search for contraband and alcohol, but always carry your passport.
  • Foreign tourists are welcomed by Iranians in general. Before traveling, advise you to learn some useful Persian vocabulary and phrases that will help you communicate with local people if you cannot get a fluent Arabic or English.